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Our creations are not just objects to us. We give shape to our customers'ideas, to elicit emotions and sensations, and to make our packing turn into precious items that customers will keep, show off and collect.

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Fantastic team CM
Our values

50 years of history and experimentation have garnered us an in-depth knowledge of luxury packaging.

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Precious products of the highest quality: the synthesis of beauty and functionality.

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Skill, attention, knowledge and a high component of creativity have all laid the groundwork for our innovative packaging.

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Our partners
CM Cartotecnica Moderna is a company that's attentive to change and to the new and increasingly demanding requests from customers and the market. Over the past few years, this dynamism has led CM Cartotecnica Moderna to bolster its presence in Italy and abroad by establishing close partership with two other Italian companies: Grafiche Paciotti and Grafox and belgian company Century Box. Sharing the same commercial visions and values, these four companies have given rise to two important groups: Pròto-typo Group, which operates in Italy and Century Box Group which conducts business throughout Europe.
Grafiche Paciotti
Italian printing works

Grafiche Paciotti specialises in offset printing, digital printing, litho-printing, letterpress graphic design, prepress and packaging.

Grafiche paciotti
Digital Printing

This young company specialises in digital printing, providing quality services and ensuring efficient support through qualified personnel and state-of-the-art-machinery.

Grafiche paciotti
Century Box
A benchmark in Europe

Century Box produces and distributes packaging (shoppers and boxes) all over the world.

Protò-typo Group
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Three Umbrian companies and a Belgian one joined forces to establish a Group that provides Italian companies with a range of products (visual, printing and packaging design) featuring Italian style and quality. Innovative design, customisation, innovation, quality and custumer-focus principle drive our Group.

Centurybox Group

Centurybox Group exploits its deep knowledge of its Belgian company to provide the same italian offering (visual, printing and packaging design feauturing Italian style and quality) in Europe and all over the world.

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