Cartotecnica Moderna: first Sustainability Report forthcoming!


Each company faces sustainability according to its resources and its potential: in some way it “plays a role” in it. For this reason it is necessary a clear internal sharing of the objectives and salient aspects on which the company wants and can intervene.
It is a path of change, made in small steps, that we intend to embrace with awareness and determination and which will be described in our first INTEGRATED REPORT, soon to be published.
The first step of Cartotecnica Moderna was therefore to form a dedicated team to sustainability, which is working on objectives and internal awareness and that will oversee the actions and interventions envisaged. Consequently, the company has started a training course that will lead all employees to acquire shared knowledge and skills.

The main aspect on which Cartotecnica Moderna has focused in this first year was certainly the materiality analysis which consists on mapping the stakeholders, involving them in moments of discussion, exchange, assessment and restitution.
These actions have allowed Cartotecnica Moderna to clarify its vision regarding sustainability and to focus resources and attention on objectively salient actions. Obviously it represents an ongoing process that, due to the pandemic, cannot be said to be completed but which has certainly brought clarity in action and helped to strengthen relations between the company and its stakeholders.