How we work

Padre e figlio
Not only machines

We design and manufacture innovative and functional products combining creativity and industrial production with high-quality handmade finishes. The results are luxury products that exceed our customers’ expectations. Unique pieces that provide packaging and design solutions to enclose the products of major international brands in a creative and functional way.

The first stage of our work

The luxury industry is the ideal environment for research as well as experimentation with innovative materials and techniques. We can be creative with all our designs, but above all we love to develop new paper techniques and use a wide variety of finishes. All this allows us to design and manifacture bespoke shopping bags, boxes and displays of the highest quality.

The project comes together

This is when machine technology is used in sync with craftmanship: man and machine come together to transform an idea into a precious, unique and high quality packaging.

The results
We defy expectations

Once the mechanical and manual work is finished, the results need no words. The packaging are ready for delivery and they become true symbols of the work, passion and care with which they were made.


Lovepack is a CM brand that combines the passion and creativity of Roberto Rossi and the style department. Together they develop packaging solutions that have a unique richness due to their designer nature, the choice of materials and their finishings. The Lovepack product range exudes beauty and sophistication. This isn't simply packaging. It is the perfect union of passion and pure emotion resulting in pieces that become collectibles to be displayed.