Luxury packaging according to Paolo

A chat with the CM Cartotecnica Moderna designer

He is Paolo Bonella, class 1985 and born in Umbria, from  2018 designer of CM Cartotecnica Moderna, that despite his young age, has a long experienxe behind him.

* Paolo, let's start with a simple question: why did you choose to dedicate yourself to packaging design?

Hi everyone, to answer this question we have go back several years. I was in kindergarten when the teacher said to my mother: her son has an extraordinary drawing ability. And so over the years I have cultivated this passion by doing more portraits. Then time passes and the time comes to choose what to do in life and I decided to enroll in the academy of fine arts. The experience lasted a blink and again I said to myself: what am I going to do now? I joined an employment as a technical designer and shortly I was hired by a design company. From that day on I found how to give space to my inventiveness in the paper industry.

* In your opinion, what role does packging play today?

Well it seems reductive to me to say that today packaging has a decisive role in the sales of the product it contains. But if we want to be on the market and sell both trivial and expensive things, the packaging must be first of all beautiful.

* What makes packaging unique and memorable?

Certainly it's the prospective to live a secodn life, to be reused.

* How did you get the idea?

The first step is to read the project brief, the second one is handling and analyzing the product that the pack will contain. At that point I begin to visualize the obiecy and to rework all the information - the materials, the finishes ...- acquired over years of varied work experiences. It's at that point that each project becomes unique. Successively I make a draw to define the details seen on the brief that I will rework with a digital software to be able to make the cut of the components using a specific machine called plotter. Before starting the real production I create a sample to verify the compliance of the output and finally bring it to the end customer for a preview. Each shopping bag, box, display made is a unique journey.

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