The Council of Chiefs
What would you do if you were the CEO of Cartotecnica Moderna?

What would you do if you were the CEO of Cartotecnica Moderna?

Following the stakeholder engagement activities dedicated to the Talents of Cartotecnica Moderna, the Property has identified a group of collaborators with whom it meets regularly. The purpose of these meetings is to allow the people who make up the group to express themselves and to be the voice of colleagues towards the Property. At the same time, these meetings train the propensity of the Talents of Cartotecnica Moderna to work independently, to assume increasing responsibilities and to organize themselves by project.

A sort of "boss for a day" during which, freely, everyone is called to give feedback, make suggestions, set priorities. The goal is to get function heads used to reporting to the top and, at the same time, to establish an extended and non-unilateral decision-making routine. The meetings, which began in mid-2021, have already brought to light aspects of priority intervention both at the production level and in the management of human capital.

During the last meeting held with our sales agents, who arrived in Perugia from all over Italy to discuss future objectives, the Property decided to submit them too to the "Council of Chiefs" game: each of them, dressed in the unusual guise as "Boss", was able to leave his suggestion, advice or proposal regarding any issue related to the company organisation.

Stimulating all the people involved in the company's life to make their own contribution, not only in terms of workforce, but also in terms of management and strategy represents, from our point of view, a solid growth opportunity for the company itself .